About Estate of the Nation

Estate of the Nation was conceived when I won a scholarship from the Large Format Retail Association of Australia (LFRA) to attend a retail study tour of Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. This blog was established as an ideal way for me to share my insights from the tour with colleagues and other property industry participants. 

The role that economics, finance, politics and aesthetics play in the property and urban development landscape has always fascinated me.  A source of inspiration and sometimes frustration, they always challenge me to think more laterally about the developments and investments I am fortunate enough to have responsibility for. I have adventured through the diverse and often obtuse world of real estate locally and globally. As I have done so, I have often found myself wanting to share ideas to stimulate debate, test the status quo and explore collectively the ideas which will advance society through the intersection of built environment and commerce.

I do not profess to be an economist, a political commentator or finance guru. I am simply intrigued by these topics and how they affect the real estate development and enterprises that I am involved in. I am, however, not a sideline commentator. I have skin in the game. My career and savings are at risk in the work that I do. 

I am also not yet a skilled writer, so I am thankful to my wife for editing my prose and organising my wayward thoughts in a way that (hopefully) makes them interesting to my readers.

The ideas in this blog are my own; where they are not, I will reference my sources. I do not expect you to agree with me on all things, in fact it is more beneficial for all if you don't. If you feel so inclined, please do participate in the conversations I hope to start.

I hope you enjoy what you read, that you're surprised and challenged by what I write, and that through this blog you're inspired to dive into the enthralling world of real estate development for yourself. 

About Glen Wright


Glen Wright is an omnivorous Property Developer, Investor and Place-Maker based in Brisbane, Australia. 

I am passionate about bringing together people with purpose and creating places that matter.

While obtaining a bachelors degree in commerce from the University of Queensland, I worked with top tier professional services firm - EY. Following my time at EY, I founded a marketing advisory firm before taking on an end-to-end development management role at Geon Property. I have also served on the Young Alumni Advisory Board for the University of Queensland.

I was born in South Africa and have lived in the United States of America before my family and I ultimately settled in Australia. I believe these experiences have given me a truly global perspective. 

Above all else, I am deeply committed to my family. I am a husband and a father, which are the two achievements I am most proud of accomplishing.


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